With over 15 years in the industry as a full stack developer I've done everything from minor css tweaks to implementing enterprise-level content management systems for clients.

When I first started at a leading digital agency back when Netscape Navigator compatibility was a concern. Years later I became a London based freelancer and after too many years working under an umbrella company I started Little Big Tank Ltd.

The majority of my work still comes via agencies needing a skilled pair of hands, but the company is now taking on small scale projects directly with end clients.

"You can do anything, but not everything" - David Allen

A talented pool of industry contacts are contracted on an ad-hoc basis when a project requires work outside my skill set to provide the best solution possible.


Here are just some of the clients I've been
lucky enough to work for:

The Lab

Sometimes when I'm not building websites I experiment by building random things that can be put on the web. Some may seem pointless, others undoubtedly are but often the goal is not the finished product but the journey.

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